Monday, 27 June 2016

All done!

Saya's dress is all done and dropped off to her rightful owner.  She will be wearing it at Animaritime 2016 this coming weekend.

I had a great time working on this dress! It gave me very few problems, though my surger did die while I was finishing it. (sadness)  Hopefully that can be fixed. I think ! blew a fuse.  At least it died when I was on the very last step.

Anyway Enjoy!  Hopefully I will have more pictures later.

Friday, 17 June 2016

What a weekend! (and Tuesday!) I went from a mock up and a half finished skirt, to a full dress waiting to be hemmed!

The fitting I had on sunday went well.  The skirt is very fun and poofy over the wedding dress crinoline my client bought.  I fit her for the mocked up top and positioned the red band near the hem line.

We decided to probably keep a lot of the length in back, while not 100% accurate to the dress in Blood plus; trains are fun. So it stays.

 Here is where she stands right now. All the trim is added and the lining is all attached. I'll be hemming it Monday after I pin my client for length.

Now with 100% more zipper.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

"The circumstance of this skirt is the size of a 2-man dome tent!" -Bronwen Robbins

I actually did say that yesterday.

Hi everyone! I neglected this poor blog again. I am sorry.

I did get all 3 Sailor Venus costumes done and I wore 2 of them at Anime North 2016.  Why only 2? Because I was sick and because Toronto that week was like walking on the surface of the sun, and unbelievably humid. Like we would have been less wet (the sweat UGH) if we had been on the bottom of the ocean.

Anyway!  I am back in nice rainy not humid New Brunswick and working on a commission for Animaritime at the end of the month.

And here she is:

That's right! Saya from Blood+.  I am excited.  My client even has a twin sister who is a singer.  We are trying to convince her to do Diva next year with her sister.

Anyhoo.  This costume is a hybrid.  The top is by ME!  and the bottom is by McCalls patterns.  Cause why waste all my precious drafting paper on the huge skirt pattern when McCalls already has patterns of what I need?

 So far I have the skirt and lining all sewn together and the choker (times 2 cause I like variety) made.  The sleeves and sash will be done by the end of tonight. Then the top later this week.