Sunday, 29 March 2015

~In time-your heart will open minds, a story will be told" - RWBY progress : More corset.

The corset is together! (mostly)

Back: Black Singapore Chintz. 

Front:  Black jacquard with a rose pattern and hand dyed silk.

All the back pieces are covered in Laminating (row upon row of stitching) to stiffen it up.

And these are the spiral bones and their tips. I have yet to cut the steel flat bones because I lack the proper tools and strength right now!

Tomorrow:  Steel bones, the bottom bias strip sewed on, the last parts sewn on and grommets.  Plus I hope to get the cape done too!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

~Welcome to a world of new solutions, welcome to a world of bloody evolution~ RWBY progress: Corset

Oh what a day!  My back is killing me!  I cut out all 4 layers of this corset today, basted what needed to be basted, marked bone casings and sewed the outer layer. I am pooped.

Here is the inside (the black pieces) and the outer layer with its flannel back.  I've still got to trim my seam allowances down and once that is done and the other pieces are ready to go, I can sew this sucker together!

And here is the outer layer flipped so you can see what it will look like once it is done.  It's made from a black Jacquard and some silk that I dyed.

Monday, 23 March 2015

~I don't wanna hear your absolution, hope your ready for a revolution~ RWBY progress: I dyed.

Fabric that is!

I couldn't find a red fabric I liked for the middle of the corset for the male Ruby Rose costume I am making.  So I made some.  I got 2 shades of red dye because the cape fabric (which I used for the red trim on the shirt) was a particular shade.

I ended up going with the lighter of the two.

Also the shirt (instead of a battle skirt) for Ruby is done now too!
 On to the corset and cape!

Friday, 6 March 2015

~This will be the day we've waited for, This will be the day we open up the door~ RWBY progress: mock-ups

The mock ups for the male version of Ruby Rose from RWBY are done and as long as there isn't some sort of GIANT snow storm on Sunday (which is entirely possible right now), I'll be fitting them then!

(And no, I do not know why the first part there is highlighted in a different colour for some reason. Blogger is being weird today. It also wont let me type in any format except centered.)

The Princess Seam mock up is just waiting to be fitted and have a Corset drawn onto it.

And the black bell sleeved sloaper cannot wait  to be fitted  for a turtleneck/cowl neck and  shaped so it is less of a...sack. (which is what it kinda looks like right now).