Monday, 27 May 2013

On to the next!

The patterns for Cheshire are done! Now to begin on Sailor Jupiter!

The pile o' much smaller then normal.

Plus i found a belt at Walmart, which after I paint all that silver black and attach the holsters for her Sai's and Swords will work well for her belt (and save me time!)

Friday, 24 May 2013

Cheshire from Young Justice Progress

Two mock ups down, (the green kimono top and black undershirt for Cheshire from Young Justice) one new sleeve ready to go (the fancier,cut open sleeve for Cheshire from Young Justice) and now on to the collar for the black undershirt. Then time to take in the (much too big) Kimono style top, mock it up again (to make sure it fits/can be sat in).

And here is a goofy picture of me in the mocked up undershirt for Cheshire. I had to test my fancy sleeve.

Pretty good for a gray Thursday.

Oh and gloves and body suit for Sailor Jupiter have been started. I could only find gathered gloves, so I had to unpick the gathering and elastic and sew them back up again!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Red dress event and wedding are over and so con season begins!

The Red dress event and wedding are over and so con season begins!  Which means I spend my week of vacation hoping for sun and getting a jump on costumes and commissions for the summer conventions!

  First up, Cheshire from Young Justice.  I already have her wig, black socks and Sai's.   I have drafted the green top, the sash and the start of the black undershirt.  The part that scares me the most is the mask.

For a client, I will be making Sailor Jupiter.  I just need a neck and waist measurement and then I can make the costume.

And  also for a client, Red Arrow from Young Justice, actually the brother of the Sailor Jupiter cosplayer.  I am waiting on measurements due to the fact that this fellow is working out to get Roy's body here and he is almost there!

The Heart Truth Fashion Gala 2013

Marlene going down the runway.

 Shows over folks!  The ladies line up on stage to get their thanks and gift.

The very tired designers and models group photo at the end.

Photos (as far as I know) by: Denis Duquette, Denis Duquette ~ Photographer

For more go to  The Heart Truth fashion Gala facebook page!  Or stop by the Fredericton NB  Fabricville to see some of the dresses on display!