Thursday, 29 September 2016

Well.. that went faster then I thought.

I was worried i wouldn't be able to bead, embroider and finish my coat as well as make the leaf crown, belt and daggers in time for halcon in November.  Well, it took less time then I thought to finish the pocket flaps, add the lace details around the back and shoulders and bead it then I thought.

Also less beads. I bought WAY to many beads.

I had hoped to be further along, but along came a 24 hour flu and I slept for a day and a half. Still even with that, I managed to accomplish quite a bit!

I finished the pocket flaps while re-watching all of Voltron: Legendary Defender and then some of first season Young Justice. Which if you haven't watched, go watch both of them. They are awesome.
 I'll add the interfacing to the back of them and the lace covered lining for the underside this weekend and then they will be ready for attaching when the time comes.

Here is a close up with less washout due to flash.  The fabric is actually closer to the green pictured above. Fun fact: You do not have to be 100% healthy to embroider. It is mindless enough or something I guess, that I finished the last bit of it last night when I was sick.

This is the back lace detail. It doesn't look like much here, since this was taken while it was laying flat on my couch. This view would be from the neckline up to the waist. It took me 3 tries to fussy cut out the lace into a look I liked.  Good thing the lace was on sale, I bought what was left and I had a ton left over. I'm not usually that wasteful.

Again, a fabulous shot of my jacket on my couch, cat hair and all I think.  The lace works its way up from a point about 4cm above my actual waistline, broadens out over the back and shoulders, then wraps around to the center front.
I probably could have done more with the beads, but I didn't want to over do it. I actually keep worrying that I may already be over doing it, but then I look at the pictures in my copy of Historical Fashion in Detail: the 17th and 18th centuries, and it looks downright subdued.
(Also holy crow, that is not what I paid for this book O_O)

Anyway, with the stuff that I thought would take 100% more time done, I may have this coat mostly completed and ready to go by the end of the weekend.  Which gives me a month to make the crown, belt and daggers.

By Jove, I think I may just be able to do it!

Friday, 23 September 2016

Second day of Autumn !

This being the second day of autumn, it seems prudent to post an update on my fall themed Elf!  I've been busy all week working on it in some form or another. I started with then embroidery on the pocket flaps, something I am going back to after this update, and finished (for now) with the lining and sleeves.

Wednesday night I cut out the lace overlays for the pockets, lower lining and under sleeves and 3 hours later I had everything basted together and pinned as well.

Here is the underside of the pocket flaps and my under sleeve.

And here is the pile of lining before I pinned it all.

Today was spent sewing my lining together, sewing the sleeves and adding the cuffs.  Aside from some quick basting of the lining to keep it from shifting when I attach it to the coat, the sleeves are done.

And here is the lining all together!  I left the top plain, as my body will mostly block that, so there was no real point. I'm loving how it looks.

I think it is all gonna look pretty spiffy when it is all done.  Now I just need to finish my pocket flaps and cut out the lace overlay for the center back and shoulders of the coat. Then its some beading and putting it all together.

Did I mention I also need (well want, therefore need) to make a belt with dagger holders for my legs, carve the daggers AND make a fall leaf crown as well?  I can get all that done by November, right?

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Cough cough hack PUH!

These are the noises one makes when working with faux fur.

Seriously, it looked like a Raccoon exploded in my sewing room for a while there.  I had to keep the vacuum within arms reach.

In the end though I think the hood and cuffs turned out well.

 The hood is over-sized and lined in fur (outer shell is a very fine wale Corduroy).

And the cuffs are also lined in fur. I'll be able (in theory) to wear them down over my hands where they will look like this, or flipped up to show off the fur.

The outer coat is all sewn too.  My lining is in a pile on the floor, and now that I have time to spare thanks to a very selfless and brave Squirrel that sacrificed itself to knock out the power at the fabric store I work in (may it RIP) I can cut out the lace details.

I've decided to do the leaf embroidery on the pocket flaps of the coat as well.  I started one while re-watching Voltron (the new one) and it is mostly done already.


I was at Capercon this weekend and got some pictures of both Dipper and Star Butterfly, so stay tuned for those.