Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wedding bells are a ringin'

Not for me of course, but for my brother and soon to be sister-in-law.  Who has asked me to make her wedding dress, something which scares the pants off of me, but I choose to embrace my fear and hope to everything good in the world that it works out and she dosn't hate me forever for ruining her wedding.

This is a picture of a dress from somewhere on the internet that she liked, only her wedding colours are silver gray, burnt orange (so she can have tiger lilies in her bouquet) and emerald green.

So after some talking and sketching this is what we came up with:
 A similar style to the above dress, but in her colours and with a nice train.  She has yet to see this, so here is hoping she likes it.

In the mean time, I was chosen along with my sister to be a bridesmaid, and my sister-in-law-to-be is a kind woman who let us choose the colour and style of our dresses as long as it matched the wedding colours.  My sister found some nice green/orange linin to make hers (which is a vintage vogue pattern) and I chose green and gray, because it is the colours of House Slytherin of course!

(Actually it's cause Orange does not look to hot on me.)

So here is my tentative sketch of my dress:
Which I did with markers and pen at work during a rare quiet period this week. I wanted it to be a dress I could/would wear after the wedding to stuff.  It'd be the green, with inserted gray panels with a black lace overlay (if she says that is okay).   It am tying to play off the style of my sisters dress which would be a 50's full skirt dress and the medieval style of the brides dress.  I think I pulled it off.

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