Monday, 1 June 2015

Under vest

Here is what I was working on for  late April and most of May!  A custom under vest for a member of the 501st.  This was a challenge! These guys are so true to the movie costumes,  I am in awe and a little terrified of their attention to detail.  I peppered him with more questions then I think I have ever asked a client because I wanted it to be right.

One of the main things he said, is how hot these vests get.  This one is made from a heavier upholstery vinyl which does not breathe.  So to help with cooling and since it would be mostly hidden by a jetpack, we added in a mesh panel on the back.

I used Fabric-tac glue to tack down the vinyl and then baste the mesh onto it.  I then top stitched the panel down.

 It is lined with an anti-bacterial swim wear lining which will dry fast and hopefully keep any possible smell from that trapped body sweat.

It has a 2 inch over lap on the side seams. And black snaps to hide the fact that it closes with velcro

And here is the finished vest with all the velcro for attaching armor too.  It also has a grommet to allow the cord leading from a battery pack to an LED panel in the armor and elastic  along the bottom to hold it down.


On to the next!

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