Friday, 24 July 2015

I guess I should post pictures of the belt...

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Wow, I really, really neglected this!  I posted a ton of my progress work over on my Facebook group, between commissions when I had time, but not here.  Sorry about that.

So one of the costumes I worked on for Animaritme this year was updating the Steampunk outfit I made last year for fun to go with some goggles I bought at Anime North (Pictured below).

 This year I was part of a group of Historical/ Steampunk themed Avengers, and I was Captain America (because Cap is the best Avenger).

Last year it was vaguely Captain America themed, this year I took it up a notch and based the look from Captain America: The first Avenger.  Which meant the star, the boots, the gloves, the gun and the belts.

I based my belt off random screen caps of Cap, one of which I later realized was actually his Winter Soldier costume, but it was the back, and it looked neat.

This was my first attempt at making a functional belt.  I used my brain and screen caps to figure it out. It is made from two colours of brown vinyl, rivets and some paint.

My bustle holds it up nicely.

I made the buckle less bulky and more feminine to go with my costume (and my size).  The pouches were what  Ned Flanders would call "a honeydew of a melon scratcher" because I had never done anything like that before.  Luckily, I made these around the time I was making the under vest for the member of the 501st (Star Wars cosplayers), which inspired me to go looking for tutorials on how to make their pouches which were really similar looking.

Mine appear big, because I made them to carry my wallet, camera and DS, so I wouldn't have to carry around my purse while in costume

I made the holster after googling images of  "leather gun holsters" and pieced my pattern together from those.  What I did before Google image search, I do not know. It is my greatest resource.

  And here is my gun (which I had posted pictures of before) all painted up and ready to go.

We had the luck of accidentally getting pulled into a Marvel Photoshoot by  Dylan of SpoilersPhotography while we waited for our official group photoshoot to start (I'l post those as soon as I get them), so for once I actually have some decent pictures to show of my costume!


Shield paint job thanks to Billy Peterson

And here is the four of us!  Two costume contest winners in our group this year!  I won second place and Laura (our Rogue) won third!

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