Sunday, 17 July 2016

Original design: Autumn Ranger

I decided that for Halcon 2016 I would do an original design/character. It is going to be an Elven Ranger.  I could have done another anime/game cosplay, but Halcon is in November and most cartoon characters have not much in the department of winter wear.  This way, i will be warm and hopefully look cool!

The coat will be made of a moss green pinwhale corduroy with lace and fur details and lined in lace and a splatter painted orange satin.

The vest will be made from Linen suiting, the shirt from a red Indian cotton and the pants (tights really) are a mottled glitter spandex that I will be using the wrong side out (therefore no glitter).

Here is the fabric stash! I went with the brown mottled fabric down at the bottom and not the red, I thought it looked like tree bark.

I just finished one side of the embroidered design on the vest and I am about to start the next!  When it is all ready to go it will be lined with the black satin in the above picture which has foxes, rabbits and Unicorns on it.  Because. I. Can.

 This is the design I used for the border print.

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