Friday, 3 February 2017

To catch them is my real quest~

To train them is my cause~

I have my romper almost done!  I just need to bind the armholes and neck, put the purple detail on the chest and add a hook an eye.

I have a long torso, a bone of  contention for one-peice things ever since I hit puberty.  One pieces almost never fit. One peices either give me a back wedgie or the far worse fontral wedgie. So seeing as this is a commercial pattern and not one I drafted for myself, I knew that length would be an issue. The world is designed for a standard sized person and the world is dumb for that. People have shapes.

Thankfully, I discovered Jalie patterns, a Canadian company that does dance wear. I used one of their patterns for the base of my Sailor Venus costume. What has that got to do with this McCalls pattern? Well, Jalie has a part of their webiste for fit issues which includes how to get the exact amounts to add so it will fit right for you, and it can be used with any pattern. THIS IS SO HELPFUL.

I ended up having to add 5cm all the way around to get this to not give wedgies, and I can say, having tried it, it is a super comfortable romper.

The rest will be made later. Since I an now self-employed and have lost my sweet, sweet staff discount (how I miss them)  I'm waiting for a 50% off sale on the 13th to buy everything else.

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