Thursday, 3 October 2013

Equestria Girls AppleJack (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic)

So I have always loved My Little Pony.  I have 4-5 shelves full of G1 (generation 1 aka the ponies from the 1980's) ponies and that collection grows on a regular basis.  One of my favoirte's was and still is Applejack.  Infact Applejack is the reason I started watching the new My Little Pony Friendship is Magic series.  So it seemed like fine idea to me to cosplay as one of the ponies, and as much as my friends all probably thought that would be Fluttershy, it was always going to be Applejack.

Now I am not a hoofed mammal, so obviously this costume would have to be a human version of the character, which is when the Equestira Girls movie came out (and turned out not to be terrible) I had my chance. In that movie after all were cannon Human ponies.

So here she is.  Applejack.  A pretty basic costume. I  chose to take a couple creative liberties with the costume.  Obviously I was probably never going to find Cowboy boots with apples on them (although the ones I did find have butterflies, Fluttershy would approve) So I will be making brown socks with the cutie marks on them instead.  Also,Applejack is a country girl, and country girls like to square-dance, so I made my skirt more poofy with a crinoline (in orange and yellow, her pony colours) underneath it.

I found this fan art online and really liked it.  The Equestira Girls outfit is after all rather void of detail, so I chose to use the styling from this fanart.  So my pockets have the loopy design on them and my hem is double stitched in yellow.

This is what I have so far, please ignore how wrinkled it looks, its been on and off that Judy a billion times now (and in a heap on a table/floor more then once). It's also looking much longer then the actual skirt there cause my Judy is not matching my actual height (I'm 5'10, the Judy is like 5')
All that is left is to attach the pockets to the skirt, make the socks and an apple shaped belt buckle!


  1. Are you making these to sell? I have a little girl who would love it! And have you made any others of other My Little Pony characters? Will you please contact me on facebook?- Jenniferbault

  2. I do take commission work, this is for an adult, but I could make it for a child. I have not made any other ponies yet. :)