Tuesday, 14 January 2014

*cough cough* Where did all that dust come from? I guess I neglected this much longer then I thought!  Sorry all, the Christmas season proved rather insane, but now we are back in business!

The business of making a huge mess in order to make armor.

Momentarily distracted by Phinnias and Ferb's "Squirrels in my Pants" song.

Sean, our Cecil is working on cutting out the pieces of his front breast plate.

I think this is the craft foam layer for a side front panel.

He had moved on to his front breast plate since he had finished his back one and I had taken over the heat gun for the time being.  It looks weird when its still flat, but it is in fact the back plate for his armor. Cecil wears a cape, so we have no clue what his back plate looks like, so we just echoed the shape of his front breast plate.

 But then I was done mine and it was time to change into under armor and heat up the Worbla again and then quickly call us over to start pressing into place.

It took two of us to get this sucker pressed into place on his back, along with Sean leaning into us as we did it, but eventually it had shaped enough and cooled enough that I could run over and get the camera. You can see Billy (our Edge) doing some final tweaks.

After we got it off of him, which was fun cause the Worbla is sticky when hot and had kinda stuck to his under armor shirt.  It kind of looks like a giant Taco chip.

 It's actually really neat, you can't really see it here but it molded to his shoulder blades a bit.

My turn! We made up what Kains Back plate looks as well since back shots of him are non existent. The rest of his armor is pretty pointed all over so we just did that. I'll be wearing a black Faux-Leather corset styled top under this, and there will be a dragon scale look spine to cover up my lacing.

Pro tip: Take your socks off when  two people are pressing heat moldable plastic armor onto your back and you are standing on a laminate floor. Unless you want to slide everywhere.

And here is my back plate. The points thankfully do not poke into me, which is nice. Eventually there will be a stand up collar attached to it.  Sadly, since Kain has long blond hair, I think my wig will hide half the work here! Oh well!
It was also completely stuck to my shirt.


And now a random shot of Zael the Chameleon. Who watched the entire process unfold in front of his cage. He looks....mildly unimpressed, but then he usually does.
"Silly Humans...."

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