Monday, 27 October 2014

Journal 3 - Gravity Falls -bookmarks

Journal 3 has two bookmarks,  one that looks like a tassel, and the other which ends with a small magnifying glass.

I found some red drapery tassel at Fabricville and got 0.3m.  Which is more then I needed, but I wasn't sure dirtying up the tassel would work the first time so I got extra.  Just in case.

I cut off a bit and curled it around to make a tassel, then I sewed it to a ribbon.  After I sewed it, I took charcoal and rubbed it all over the tassel to darken it up. I then added the mud mixture I made to dirty it up even more.

The ribbon the tassel hangs from in the show is gray, but I didn't want to just buy gray ribbon.  So I found some white ribbon and grayed it up again with charcoal and added mud.  I also placed it between two pieces of sand paper and roughed it up.

I did the same for the yellow ribbon that the magnifying glass hangs from.  Both ribbons are glued into the spine of the book.

And here is the finished exterior! I have no fake metal tree to find it in, but I did have a nice mossy stump to lay it on for photos.
  And here are a couple close ups of the  front and back with the dried mud and charcoal smudges.
Front and back

Just the front

Just the back.

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