Wednesday, 25 March 2015

~Welcome to a world of new solutions, welcome to a world of bloody evolution~ RWBY progress: Corset

Oh what a day!  My back is killing me!  I cut out all 4 layers of this corset today, basted what needed to be basted, marked bone casings and sewed the outer layer. I am pooped.

Here is the inside (the black pieces) and the outer layer with its flannel back.  I've still got to trim my seam allowances down and once that is done and the other pieces are ready to go, I can sew this sucker together!

And here is the outer layer flipped so you can see what it will look like once it is done.  It's made from a black Jacquard and some silk that I dyed.

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  1. Bronnie,

    Your work and dedication is gorgeous. If you ever need any fabrics sent over, please let me know.