Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Christmas Loot

It's only near the end of January, that's not too late to show Christmas loot right?  Right? Ah who cares, its my blog and its all meant to further my powers of design and awesomeness.

First up: My very first, very own dressmakers Judy!  Now when I finish garments or I'm working on them, I wont always have to haul out my store manikins.  Which can give you quite a scare in the early hours of morning if you forget they are there,or in my case are half asleep and you think there is a 7 foot tall, freakishly skinny, pointy-chested prowler in your family room.  It's also going to make making tailored jackets much easier for me too.

"Pinellope" as she was dubbed by my soon-to-be-sister-in-law, is my size (so a small) but I do plan on eventually acquire medium and large ones as well.

I also got some books, but books are wonderful and I love them.

The Victorian Tailor is one I got over the boxing day sales. It includes 18 patterns for Victorian mens wear as well as tailoring and finishing techniques.

Patterns for theatrical costumes has patterns (like the cover says) from ancient Egypt up to just before the first world war as well as ideas on trims and patterns. It also has a section on making animal costumes, hats, masks and wigs 

 And the last one, is just a fantastic book with close ups on cuffs, collars, pockets and you name it as well as technical drawings of historical clothing.

It's actually the book that inspired my gradpiece.

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