Thursday, 17 January 2013

Shoes for work

My manager at work, loved my Adventure Time shoes.  She liked them enough that when the company held a craft competition for customers (and one for staff) she said I should do shoes.

I wondered if it would work with fabric as well as paper so decided to give it a shot.  I thought since it was to be made from fabric, I'd make it look like a Crazy Quilt. Crazy quilting is something I did when I worked in a local living museum called Kings landing. It's the only kind of quilting I will do ( my mother and sister are both quilters and that is just too many for one family).

This is a quilt block I did over a summer of working at the museum. It going to be turned into a pillow.

Anyway, this competition took place just before Christmas, and  so many people were doing Christmas stuff that I decided I would find bright  spring-y fabrics and things to do my shoes.



And the sides:

Sadly, Christmas was insanely busy around here, and then the flu ravaged my home, by the time I had these finished, it was too late to mail them in with the other employees pieces and then I could not find where to do the online entry.  So I missed the submission date :/


They will be on display for a few months at our store, so at least they wont go to waste!

Speaking of waste, get a size larger shoe if you do these with fabric.  Unlike the paper versions, the fabric actually shrank the shoes a bit and now they don't fit.  Whomp.

Lesson learned!

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