Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hooray for Progress!

This was the beginning of my week, finally cutting into fabric for my sister in law to be's wedding dress.  I made a mess and was sore for about 3 days after from all the crouching on the floor, (I'll be getting a table when I have space for one).  I managed to get the gray fabric, lining and orange fabric all cut out a well as the interfacing in one afternoon.  Then work took over for the rest of the week.

The lining staying up off the floor and avoiding wrinkling.

So today I've surged all the edges, (even when the surger tried to come untreaded 4 times), half pinned the lining, fully pinned the sleeves and interfaced all the outer peices!  Hooray for progress!

The sleeves and front lining awaiting sewing.

 And the interfaced outer pieces!
Baring any unforeseen issues (like power failures)  this dress should be pretty much sewn together by tomorrow night!  WOO!

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