Sunday, 25 August 2013

Armor making for Final Fantasy 4

I've got some fantastically talented friends who along with me have decided on a group cosplay for Anime North 2014  in Toronto (already have our hotels rooms and everything).  My friend Sean decided our first group cosplay: Final Fantasy 4.

Cause we are crazy and feel the need to jump in headfirst into making entire suits of armor!

Fortunately, the boys have done a ton of research and studding and know what they are doing (admittedly the who armor thing is daunting and scary to me) so they have taken up the mantle of Armor and Props for Delirium's Edge Designs!

So here is the start of these costumes:

The pattern for the upper body armor for Kain Highwind. It was made by wrapping me with plastic wrap and then covering it in painters tape.  This will be the base the guys make the patterns off of for my eventual cosplay armor.

I was trying to look cocky...I think I failed.

And here is Sean in his beginning  base armor pattern wrap for Paladin Cecil.

Congratulations! You won the fight! *insert Final Fantasy Victory music here*

All together we will have 4 of the FF characters done for Anime North 2014: Paladin Cecil, Kain Highwind, Rosa and Edge.  Between Cecil and Kain that is a ton of armor to be molded, painted and attached, which is why we are starting now.

Just in case people have not played one of the best Final Fantasy games ever made, here are some visuals:

Cecil (Paladin)


Kain Highwind


I'll be making Edge's pants, cape, body armor, leg armor. Cecils Cape(s) and Kain's Butt-cape (and possibly helping out with Rosa, who's cosplayer lives in a different city) and helping out they guys making the armor and prop weapons.  

Wish us luck!


  1. This looks so cool! Good luck and hope things go well on the project! Looking forward to updates!

  2. I hope so too! We have more pictures to post of various armor wraps, but they are on a friends camera. Also our Warbla arrived on Friday (but we were out) so we hope to get it on Tuesday and the we can actually start the armor molding. :)