Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Worbla, is there anything you can't do?

I decided to use the cut off scraps from armor making to do some detailing on my bracers.  

We have a billion of these little skinny bits from where we trimmed off the edges.  Fortunately, Worbla is great for re-heating and remolding a billion times!

So to start with, I dug all the little skinny bits out of our scraps bin and heated them up.

Once heated I bent them into a semi-tube like shape and rolled them until I had a worbla worm. I then repeated this step, joining my worms together and rolling out the join bump till it was the same size as my previous worm.

I had already drawn lines on my bracers of where the raised detail would go, by the way, use sharpies for this and not crayola markers (the washable kind) unless you want blue and black finger tips. So I heated up my worm and the bracer surface its self (just enough so it was tacky, don't over heat and cause the worlba to loose its shape!)

In the end I had something that looks like this:

I wanted to get this done on all 4 pieces, because I am currently working on the decorative cuff at the bottom of Kains bracers, and I knew that adding those lines would add extra to the circumference of the bracers and I want the cuffs to go around them with a nice fit with no gaping.

I have 1 cuff ready to go and could have finished the other one, but I kinda got over zealous with the rolling of my worms and gave myself some friction burns.  So I will let those heal for a day and jump back on the horse tomorrow!

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