Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The armor continues

The great armor challenge continues!  Now with a breast plate.

This'd be the final mold for my breast plate, which pretty well hides the fact that I actually have breasts.  Which is what we wanted, Kain is a boy after all, a girly video game boy, but still a boy.

Further hiding my lady curves is the stomach piece that will clip on to the breast plate and hid that pesky under bust curve where my chest meets my abdomen, making my torso appear flatter.

Hard to see perhaps here, but we went back and re-shaped my back piece. There is now clear indentations for my spine and shoulder blades which is fun.

It's a little easier to see perhaps when it is lying down.

Both pieces need a small raised collar attached onto them and then some finer details (spikes and such) and then many layers of paint, but the end is foreseeable for this particular part of the armor.

 And here is what I worked on tonight:
Half the pattern, for Kains butt-cape. This will later be transferred to tracing paper to get a mirror image for the other side and then made into a silk screen and printed.

Helmet related fun shall begin on Sunday.

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