Friday, 19 February 2016

Easy-peasy Sailor Collar stripes.

Sailor collars, they all have stripes and there are so many ways to attach them.
You can sew them down by hand or by machine.   I sewed the Soutache braid stripes on this collar by machine. If it is wobbly it is because this is one of my first cosplays from 2005.
The stripes on my  Escaflowne movie Hitomi cosplay (one of my first!) sewn down by machine.

You can glue them down, which works great with vinyl! just make sure to clean up your edges and don't use too much, (I used too much here because this was maybe my second or third ever cosplay!)  Glue
can be messy and sometimes hard to get off, plus over time the glue may dry over time and start to peel away, but if that happens, just re-glue it.
The details on my PGSM Dark Merucry collar, done with glue. (Probably my 3rd cosplay ever)
Over time I found that best product to attach the trim is Steam-a-Seam or Heat-n-Bond.  I prefer Steam a Seam, but both would work. Both can be found at fabric stores or online. Heatn' Bond is sold by the meter and Steam-a-Seam is by the meter, in sheets and in rolls.  I used to cut the strips to size for my ribbon details from the sheets or from a meter, but I found thought I'd try this beauty this time:

It's already pre-cut into strips and comes on a roll like tape! My life just got easier!  I just used it to put down the red stripe on my Sailor V costume. My ribbon was wide enough that I had to run two strips of the steam-a-seam side by side. I did each edge separately and cut the steam-a-seam off at the corners, but I did not cut my ribbon! That stayed in one big strip off my spool until I had done all 3 edges. The last thing I wanted was to accidentally cut it too short.

The steam-a-seam is sticky like a post-it-note, so until you iron it down it can be moved around, but it also means the ribbon sometimes comes un-tacked, so I did it one edge at a time. When I got to the corner, I did a mitered corner. Which is a fancy way of saying that I sewed it on an angle so I'd have a pretty corner.

This is what that mitered edge looks like when it is done. I then proceeded to run the ribbon along the bottom edge till I got to the next corner and mitered the other corner.  Once everything was tacked down I cut the ribbon off the spool.

Finally I ironed my ribbon down, and here is the finished product!

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