Wednesday, 3 February 2016

In the name of the Moon!

Because Sailor V does say that before Sailor Moon.  Yesterday, I started drafting the patterns for Sailor V from the Sailor V Manga and later the Sailor Moon Manga. V is one of 3 costumes I am making for myself to wear to Anime North 2016.  The other two are of course Sailor Venus and Princess Venus.  I've even got a white cat lined up to borrow for photos!
Behold! The early 90's glory of her costume!

The makings of a Magical Girl.

 Ah, pattern drafting.  The pattern math is like school, the cutting like art class and the mess left on my hands from all that graphite dust, and eraser shavings collateral damage.

Seriously, it looks like it snowed on my cutting surface.
 I'm going to mock up the top tomorrow.  It's a simple crop top, but I want to make sure it is long enough for my torso and that the collar looks the way I want it to before I sew the actual thing.

Top parts.
I finished the patterns today. I think this is one of the fastest costumes I have ever drafted and one of the smallest.


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