Friday, 23 September 2016

Second day of Autumn !

This being the second day of autumn, it seems prudent to post an update on my fall themed Elf!  I've been busy all week working on it in some form or another. I started with then embroidery on the pocket flaps, something I am going back to after this update, and finished (for now) with the lining and sleeves.

Wednesday night I cut out the lace overlays for the pockets, lower lining and under sleeves and 3 hours later I had everything basted together and pinned as well.

Here is the underside of the pocket flaps and my under sleeve.

And here is the pile of lining before I pinned it all.

Today was spent sewing my lining together, sewing the sleeves and adding the cuffs.  Aside from some quick basting of the lining to keep it from shifting when I attach it to the coat, the sleeves are done.

And here is the lining all together!  I left the top plain, as my body will mostly block that, so there was no real point. I'm loving how it looks.

I think it is all gonna look pretty spiffy when it is all done.  Now I just need to finish my pocket flaps and cut out the lace overlay for the center back and shoulders of the coat. Then its some beading and putting it all together.

Did I mention I also need (well want, therefore need) to make a belt with dagger holders for my legs, carve the daggers AND make a fall leaf crown as well?  I can get all that done by November, right?

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