Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Cough cough hack PUH!

These are the noises one makes when working with faux fur.

Seriously, it looked like a Raccoon exploded in my sewing room for a while there.  I had to keep the vacuum within arms reach.

In the end though I think the hood and cuffs turned out well.

 The hood is over-sized and lined in fur (outer shell is a very fine wale Corduroy).

And the cuffs are also lined in fur. I'll be able (in theory) to wear them down over my hands where they will look like this, or flipped up to show off the fur.

The outer coat is all sewn too.  My lining is in a pile on the floor, and now that I have time to spare thanks to a very selfless and brave Squirrel that sacrificed itself to knock out the power at the fabric store I work in (may it RIP) I can cut out the lace details.

I've decided to do the leaf embroidery on the pocket flaps of the coat as well.  I started one while re-watching Voltron (the new one) and it is mostly done already.


I was at Capercon this weekend and got some pictures of both Dipper and Star Butterfly, so stay tuned for those.

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