Saturday, 12 November 2011

Cosmos accessories -broaches and hair clips

So  here are  the accessories I made for this costume, I may before the fashion show re-do some of these, but only time will tell.

First we have the chest and waist broaches.  I believe they are supposed to be a star glowing inside a sphere of light, with iridescent wings coming out the sides.  I made these from 2 gold Christmas ornament stars, a sawed in half clear Christmas ball, white mat-board and 2 sheets of velum paper, double sided together for stiffness, strong glue (used to adhere sequins to figure skating costumes) and a $6 pearl necklace from Claire's accessories.
They attach to the costume with Velcro and for the waist, a pin back for extra strength since that area moves a lot.

The hair clip were made a similar way, with the 2 pieces of Velum paper, double sided taped together. However, these are attached with glue and then invisible thread to the flat clip hair barrettes.  The paper as grommets placed in them which match up to the holes in the pearl beads (which were glued to the clips) and then threaded together with the invisible thread.

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