Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tangled Princess finished dress - candid shot

Once again, I've been really bad with decent progress shots of this costume.  It is however, done. I am going to re-do part of it, but other then that I love it.  I promise to get some decent shots of the corset on here once I have better light and I will be getting some professional photos of it (with the right wig, pascal [Rapunzels pet/friend chameleon] and a frying pan).  My best friend, who is a master crafter, is planning on making me her official Tiara for the fashion show.

Until then, here is a Candid shot of me twirling. Taken at the Kings Head Inn, Kings Landing historical settlement on Halloween weekend 2011.


  1. I think my girls would like to see you come next time in that you come for game on Tuesday... ;)

  2. Alas, a full corset does not make for very comfortable DnD playing.