Tuesday, 24 April 2012

On to the next!

The fashion show is over!  And I promise to post some pictures of it here like I did on Facebook. Also Point of Light Productions did a photo shoot before the show with all my models so look forward to that  as well!

In the mean time before I get working on my Graduate piece ( to be in a gallery show all summer long!)

I plan on making some things for my ball jointed dolls!

My sister, two of my models and myself will be attending Anime North 2012 at the end of May in Toronto Canada.  Aside from handing out business cards and the like, I am making 30 pairs (30+ if I have time) of socks to sell at the smaller Doll North convention contained within Anime North.

I'm also entering a costume in their (doll north) costume competition  and a photo in their Photo Challenge. The theme this year is Clamp so I'll be making Li Sayorans outfit from the 2nd Card Captor Sakura movie and a Kero suit for another.

Never a dull moment or a slow down in working for this girl!

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