Friday, 13 April 2012

I said there would be more pictures right?

So here is the finished skirt in its natural habitat, hanging inside out on a hanger on my wall. (So it doesn't get dirty).

And here is a peak at the actual fabric of the skirt!
And here is where I was with the coat yesterday morning!  It's all cut out now and most parts are also  interfaced, but then I ran out. :(  I must remember that interfacing is only one layer and not folded on the bolt! Lesson learned! I'll get some more today.


  1. Very interesting to see your creation and interpretation of costumes, Bronwen. I'd never realized the popularity of Cosplay till a visit to Canada last year, where I saw groups of teens at the mall dressed like characters of all sorts. I like your approach to the South Park character here and think the yellow dotted skirt is lovely!
    I'm going to add your site link to a Cosplay post at my Toile La La sewing/fashion/design blog.

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