Thursday, 14 June 2012

The coat, so close!

In the home stretch!

All that is left is to attach the lining, hem the coat, mark button holes and sew on snaps/buttons.  

So here is the lining now attached, but not hemmed yet.  It involves a  great deal of hand sewing.

The hem is now hemmed!  Wooo!

Now it is time for the marking and sewing of snaps. (sorry for the blurry photo)

And the marking of a ton of button holes.  The holes are all chalked on with tailors wax and the one button there is just pinned in place to make sure the holes are big enough.

After a button hole party with "Ralph" the domestic sewing machine from 1970, and a moment of "OH NO ! I don't have enough buttons for all the holes I marked!", I finally have button holes.

 I pinned inside the now cut open button holes to mark where the buttons will go on the coat.

 Now with 100% more buttons!

Yes, it is yet another shot of the back, but now with no basting stitches! Because the coat is DONE! 

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