Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The skirt is done!

So here is the back of the skirt, it does have a little train and will be getting a bustle as well. This is before I hemmed it and added my little flappy rectangles.

I imagine you can guess from the above photo that it is shorter in front.  A fellow fashion grad calls the style a "mullet skirt" and I like that. So Here is the front view of the mullet skirt.  It has a black taffeta petticoat to make it poof out a bit more sewn into it.  The petticoat took longer then the skirt, because I had to gather a ruffle along the entire hem. It's probably 4+  meters long when not gathered in.
Here is a side view, just for fun.  This is just before I sewed on 30 or so small rectangles to the hem. I can't recall the proper name for the finishing technique, but it was better then  pleating the entire hem, which is what my original plan was.  
The hem, now with 100% more flappy rectangles.  Each flap is a little bag, sewn up the sides and then sewn onto the skirt. The coat collar and sleeves have a similar  finish to them.  I find they remind me of the flaps on  old medieval style tents and stuff.
The entire skirt flies outward when I walk in it, it's rather dramatic :D   And the flappy rectangles...flap(for lack of a better word).

Next up...

The coat is done. (mostly)

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