Saturday, 25 August 2012

The force is strong with this one, but he is no Jedi yet.

I  have been commissioned for a Jedi costume, due to time constraints and other commissions I will be using a  couple simplicity patterns as bases and then improving/ changing  the design:

I'll be using Simplicity #5840 (project D) for my base. Its not bad, but it could use some work, because when it is done it is supposed to look similar to Nick Fury' Mace Windu's costume below:

And to accomplish that I want, I need to make the shirts fuller and longer and make the obi band styled belt not a tie on (which the pattern is). I also have a basic pattern for a Kimono, which after I make the sleeves on the robe more bell shaped and fuller and attach a hood, should end up looking like his outer robe.

I've finished working on the top and plan on mocking it up and fitting my client later this week!  Stay tuned for progress shots of this costume!

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