Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Challenge Excepted!

So now that all the cons are mostly over for the year, I am of course thinking of  what to wear next year already!

 I was leaning towards Penello from Final Fantasy 12. I do have all the materials for it already (minus a wig). But between other commissions, work, the Heart Truth Red Dress campaign 2013, the budding Fredericton Fashion council, the annual NBCCD fashion show AND two weddings next year I wasn't sure I could devote enough time to do it.

But then I had a brainstorm!
I've loved Comics since I was a kid/young teen, and thanks to the Adam West Batman series from the 60's and The 1990's Batman Animated series, I especially loved Batgirl.

I'd never done a group Cosplay before, and then Lauren Faust's (she's responsible for Power Puff Girls, My little pony: FiM, and Milky Way and the Galexy girls to name a few)  Super Best Friends Forever shorts started to air on Cartoon Networks DC Nation Block.

Well, after a brief conversation with MY two super best friends forever, we are planning doing the super trio, and even if life gets in the way, I'll still be doing Batgirl.

Not one to waste time, I've already begun collecting the materials for my costume.  So far I have the lining for the cape and 3 meters of lavender spandex for the Batgirl suit.  The jury is still out if I will be adding a pink power ranger style skirt over  it or not, depends on how brave I am feeling in the skin tight suit.

Also, I am definetly going to try is this:
Which is to say, I have a vintage pair of lace up roller skates, and if I can manage to learn to actually maneuver in them without falling on my behind / face (I am very accident prone :o) I will be adding them to my costume.

And yes, I'll still be doing Penelo at some point, it depends on when I can devote the time to it.

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