Sunday, 26 August 2012

These aren't the patterns you are looking for, move along.

Oh I'm gonna have fun with titles for this project.

So here is what I have done so far to my simplicity pattern:

This is the front, I've just lengthened the bottom and angled out the side a bit.  The original pattern was just too tight fitting for the Kimono-styled look the Jedi wear.  I am aware actual Kimonos are rather tight fitting, but these Jedi's need more freedom of movement for light-saber battles and  foiling the blasted Empire.

Mostly the same on the back here.  The original pattern cuts off just below the crotch and Mace Windu's is just above his knees.

And as for the sleeve, it seems really short, but the pattern is for a Raglyn styled sleeve (wide, and off the shoulder, like a baceball t-shirt).  All I did was lengthen the hem and widen the sides to make the sleeves looser looking.

And as for  how much fabric does it take to make a Jedi? The answer is  A LOT.  3-5m for the top(s), 2m for the pants and 5-6m for the robe.
The dark brown is the robe, the white is the pants and the off-white and light brown are for the tops/ waist belt obi.

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