Thursday, 19 January 2012

Model fitting round one FIGHT

I had my model Laina in for a fitting this past weekend and Larry over at Point of Light Productions  took some wonderful shots of me fitting her into a mock up for her corset.

 The mock up is made of Duck  fabric instead of muslin. Duck is a stiffer fabric that will stand up  by it's self better.  A corset mock up has to be tight as possible for it to function well, but it also needs to be comfortable enough the wearer can breathe and sit.

Pinning her in. 

Making sure her chest is contained and will not fall out of the corset.

Adding more shape to the garment.

My Model is rather ticklish.

Marking the pins I pinned her in with, so I won't loose my lines.

Stop in the name of love?  No, marking the bone casings (or channels) for the steel bones that go into a corset, very important,  since without them a corset is just a really tight shirt.

I've either said something witty, or I'm tickling her again.  Still marking bone casings.

Moving on to a collar/choker that goes with the costume. Obviously this was way to wide for her neck.  However, it allowed me to draw on the new more logical lines.

Setting her free.

The next step, is to go back to my paper pattern and mark any changes I made when pinning her.  From there its a matter of cutting out the 4 layers of fabric that go into a corset to make it stiff.  Your outer layer is basted to a layer of flannel and then 2 layers of ticking (very stiff but thin cotton) are "laminated" together after you mark the bone casings (or channels).  Laminating in this case is not covering it in a plastic coating, like you would an ID card, but sewing row upon row of stitches about 1/2cm apart.

This step will have to wait a bit however, as yesterday I cut out the fabric for the Dark Faerie costume and today, after a good ironing (where needed), I started sewing it together.

Expect more photos soon!


  1. LOVE! You ladies are so pretty! Great photos!

  2. I know I should be paying attention to all of the intelligent costume making things you're saying, but all I can think is, "Seriously, does Bronwen not age at all?!"

    1. The answer to that is no, she may be immortal, or have the One Ring

  3. I do actually have the one ring...