Saturday, 28 January 2012

13th fairy production shots.

Oh what could this pile or Organza be?
The organza is for the coloured vents in the front of the 1th fairy's dress.  The vents are 4 layers of two coloured Organza, a blue/purple and a red/green.  One layered over the other. The effect is great, it almost looks lit from underneath. (My flash really did a number on the colours, the one underneath is in fact the dark red/green. not orange).

Pile of organza, meet black fabric.  I pinned the triangle to one side and sewed it up, which gave me one straight line to sew, and then pinned it to the other side, it makes the top a nice sharp point instead of a rounded one.  It's actually all sewn in here, the pins are there to hold my fabric down for the next step :top stitching.

The finished vent, now top-stitched down ( have a weird compulsion to top-stitch everything) and ironed. In this case I figured it would look better and contain the seam allowances on the inside (by top-stitching) so they didn't flip over and show through the Organza.  It also helped weight the organza down a tiny bit so it wouldn't poof out.

No, you didn't see me bunch this all into a pile and leave it like that over night, carry on. :)

The side vent!  I am adding a train in this rose patterned cut velvet-y fabric in the back, but I didn't want it to just be there and no where else, so instead of organza in the side back vent, I put a vent of the rose fabric, the back of the high collar will also be out of this, you can just barely see it behind the purple fabric hanging from my board.

An almost dress!  Here is the dress on a Judy, it's waiting for its train to me made and the sleeves to be sewn and attached.  But we will save that for a different day!

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D So excited!!!! Imma gonna do your design proud!! *practices her evil glide*

  2. Wow, I am really looking forward to seeing your model friends wearing their outfits. :D