Monday, 23 January 2012

Mock up fitting

I had another model in today for a fitting!  This time it's just the after shots, seeing as the previous post had the process of shots.  This time, the pictures are just quick ones I took with my digital camera (a Cannon power shot A560)  while I was working

So after you pin the mock up and fit it, you are left with a wonderful and attractive muslin sack with lines drawn on it.

In this first image it shows the concept sketch, fabric swatches and the new drawn on neckline for the dress.

 Similar to the first image, only longer.

The pins and lines drawn on so I know where to take it in on the upper bust.

I'm going to have to take in the upper bust and I am lowering the armhole a bit, just for comfort.  Also showing my pin lines for the under bust area I need to take in.

The  new back collar lines. On the final product, the back will be closed and a zipper will be hidden in a side seam.

Lines marking the highest and lowest points for the skirts hem.  I'll be drawing the shape in after I shorten my pattern.

Fitting notes.  Always take notes after/during a fitting so you can remember what you need to change.

Close up of my exciting fitting notes.


  1. Your friends are going to have the most awesome costumes ever! :)

    1. The offer still stands for me to make you an Aowen (sp) costume from Lord of the rings :) or a corset, or whatever you like.

  2. Love! I also love the glasses and notebook shot! It's like super-costumer!