Saturday, 27 October 2012

She is the one named Sailor Moon!

Sorry for the delay! I was too busy finishing up this costume to post more progress shots, but here they are now!
So this is the collar sewn together , waiting for the sailor stripes to be put on.

Which I  chose to make in a 3mm wide white satin ribbon, which I attached with Steam-A-Seam (God I love this stuff!). It is neater then sewing it down and doesn't distort the shape of the ribbon (which sewing sometimes can).

This is the Manga version of the costume, which unlike the Anime (which had 2 stripes) has 3 stripes.
 And here is the collar, pinned to the costume.  It  will be held on with snaps, since my client wants to do Sailor Neptune later and this way, can re-use the base costume bodysuit.

 The next step was to make the bows. I draped them out of two rectangular strips of muslin first, bound in the center by a smaller strap to hold them closed.  This way I could adjust the size of the bow and length of the tails and the make paper patterns later.

The back bow is slightly bigger then the front ones and has longer tails.

I  made paper patterns of all three pieces for both bows and cut out the fabric. I then used the stiffest iron-on interfacing I had to stiffen the fabric (it is just 100% cotton) so they wouldn't flop.  The tails are made from a slightly less stiff interfacing so they would drape better.

They are held on with velcro to the suit, again so the client can switch them out for Sailor Neptune's bows later.

The last step was to finish the skirt, attach the collar and sew the cuffs to the gloves.  Which I did today!

Just needs a quick ironing and off it can go to my client tonight!  Huzzah!

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