Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Jedi in the Hood

My fathers theory with the giant Jedi hoods is that the Emperor decreed it so no one could see how hideous and sleep deprived he is.  It makes sense,  but his logic is flawed: these hoods were already in use back before he looked like an evil sleep deprived zombie.


 I've mostly beaten the cold that was clouding my brain enough that I couldn't remember how to draft a hood pattern (and was making my notes dance around on the page, therefore making them incomprehensible).

And I came up with this:

One half of the hood, which I will be mocking-up on some scrap fabric first because I have very little of the brown robe fabric left, and therefore no room for errors.

Here is the hood (mocked-up) on my very narrow shouldered and giraffe-necked Manikin.

From the front:

And from the back.

Just waiting for my clients reply now.  Edit: Client says do it up! Clients wife wife also agrees cause she can see his face :)