Thursday, 18 October 2012

Winning love by daylight.

The Jedi is done!  I hemmed it today and it can go to its rightful owner when I next see him (which will be Tuesday).

I spent most of a lovely sunny October day working on both costumes while The Avengers played to keep me company.

I have the sleeve and collar patterns drafted for the Sailor Moon costume. Which was fun since I didn't have an actual pattern for the body of the costume.  So what I did do was pin the body suit down and trace the shape of the body suit to get a front and back pattern.

Which ended up looking like this:
This is the front of the pattern, which I cut off below the bust since all I needed was the neck and armholes for my patterns.

And here is the back:

Then it was time to draft the sailor collar and sleeve. Which generally starts out looking like this:
A page or sometimes 2-3 pages of math equations to get the right sizes.  Never thought when I went into Art school I'd be doing so much math, but Surprise! You  have to to get a pattern.

One half of my sailor collar pattern.

And a shot of the sleeve in the process of being drafted.

Which eventually looked like this:
The sleeve was then shortened and split up into five parts to get a spread for the shoulder and shaping for the ribbed sleeve cap the sailor moon uniform has.  The lines on it are dividing it into 3 equal parts for stuffing later.

Aside from sleeves and collars I also made the armbands and choker today.

This is the armband before I sewed it and stuffed it full of stuffing!  The cuffs will later be sewn onto some pre-made while elbow length gloves.

And this is the choker. The Gem is a maybe. I have a larger one too, but I want my clients opinion before I tack anything down.  The choker  will close with Velcro.

And that is it for now!  Tomorrow I will cut out and try the collar and if all is good, cut into real fabric and get down to business!

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