Monday, 22 October 2012

Never running from a real fight.

Today was the day for sleeves and collars. I traced out a quick version of the sailor collar on muslin to check to see if the size was okay.

It ended up being 9cm (total) to short in front and the sides and bottom needed trimming.  So I added 4.5cm extra to the point the wraps around the front and then took 3cm off the sides (and tapered up to make a straight edge) and probably about the same amount off the bottom too.

Which made it look more like this in the end.

Next up was the sleeve.

Which ended up looking like this. 
 The flat one is the sleeve before gathering the top (which I had to do to make room for the shoulder to move around) and stuffing it for the poofy look of the Sailor Senshi uniform sleeves.  They are made from white spandex, and sewn with a small zig zag stitch, which will not snap and break in a stretch fabric like a straight stitch.  They are stuffed with regular stuffing for making stuffed animals.

And here are the sleeves pinned in place to the bodysuit.  They have since been sewn to the body suit and are much less lumpy looking :D

Next up: Sewing together the sailor collar, attaching ribbon for the sailor stripes, cutting out the skirt and stuffing the waist band and then finally making some GIANT bows (which is gonna involve some stiff interfacing).

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