Saturday, 13 October 2012

Fighting evil by moonlight

The era of the Jedi is coming to a close, now begins the era of the Moon.

I'll be making this for my client for Hallo'ween.  The base will be a dancers body suit and I'll be making the skirt, sailor collar, glove bands, choker and the bows.  I'm making it all detachable, since the client would like to do other Sailor Moon Characters in the future.

Here are the fabrics (and some ribbon for the collar stripes).  The white is spandex. It's for making sleeves and extensions to the collar and crotch piece. The red is 100% cotton, I'll be stiffening it with interfacing or steam-s-seam to get the bows to stand up and not flop, and the red is a twill which will drape nicely and not be see through.

This is the body suit which I have already modded.  I raised the back collar up so the sailor collar would not hang low and wide, and unpicked the crotch seam (dancers suits are ment to go on and off through the neckline, but I like people to not have to take their entire costume off to use say, the washroom. It's all about comfort and practicality).

The back neck extension piece pattern, which I made by laying down the body suit flat, tracing the neckline and then moving up the top so it would work better.
 Once attached it will be hidden by the sailor collar, but you can see how low the original neckline would have been, had I not moved it up.

This is the extension to the crotch piece. It will be closed with snaps.

The attached snap extension.

This will eventually be the cuffs for the gloves.  It is a rectangle that will have stuffed areas to give the poofy cuff effect.

 Which will look like this:  which is a glove I did years ago for a Dark Mercury costume (from live action Sailor Moon) when I was still in my first year of Fashion.  It's crude by my standards now, but it shows the desired effect, and I won an award for it, so it couldn't have been that bad!

 And finally, The pattern for the choker. which is 2.5 cm wide by the width of my clients neck + an extention for a closure flap (velcro).

And for the skirt. The skirt is going to be a full circle skirt, which will have the volume needed to get the Sailor skirt look.  Some people do this with pleats, but I prefer not to myself.  This is half the skirt (obviously) and it will be closed with a zipper at the back.

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