Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The legs continue.

Yesterday, I made some shape molds out of paper clay on the front on my leg armor. Once it is fully dry I'll cover them with Wonderflex and all that is left would be to do the 4 side spikes (2 on each leg) and the legs are done and ready for paint!

After I had gotten these to a shape I could handle, I set them aside and started working on my foot armor. I made nicer paper patters from my plastic/tape ones, with better refined  points.  Then I grabbed one of the shoes I'll be wearing and taped the paper patterns over the shoe to see how it would all fit.  I had to extend the sides of the back part a bit to get it to go under the front piece, but other then that it worked out well.

Once I have these cut out and molded in the worbla/craft foam, I'll mold them to the shoe and turn out the points so they stick up/out better.

I am going to cut into the back plastic a bit and slide a piece of velcro through them to hold them together along the top, and then an elastic along the sides to keep them from flopping all over the place. I want to be able to flex and move my foot when I pose and walk after all.  The back piece will be separate from the front ones and will probably velcro to the last front piece so I can get it on and off my foot with little trouble.  The last thing will be to run a strap or 2 under the sole of my shoe to hold it all down.

Two shoes, ready and waiting.

Well as Lottie would say:
 " Back into the fray!"

This costume will not make itself after all! I know, I've tried, but alas no luck.  Not even some Shoemaker type Elves that come in the night to lend me a hand.

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