Thursday, 13 March 2014

Today was about spikes.

No, not that Spike....

Or that Spike!

Definitely not that Spike! D: 

I mean these spikes! The ones I glued pink insulation foam pieces together for yesterday! Jeepers! Yes, these ones.  I caved them out of the foam today with an exacto knife and sandpaper.  It made a mess, but turned out well.  Be sure to have a vacuum close by or be covered in pink dust, and you should probably wear a mask so you aren't breathing the pink dust in. I did not and regret it.  My throat feels fuzzy.  

I drew the basic shape onto the foam and then cut them out.  I then cut off the squared edges on a slant with an exacto knife and then it was a matter of sanding till I got a shape I liked. 

I will make the two spikes on the lower part shorter in the end I think, they are too big right now.  And obviously the ends need to be tapered more, but my plan is to use these as just a mold for the wonderflex and not actually have them on the armor.  I'll have to see if they are needed or not.

And I will be making this one shorter too.  Better too big then too small I say!  You can always trim down something big.

Tomorrow: The mask/helmet base!

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