Friday, 28 March 2014

That was easy..

I made the belt for my Kain cosplay the other day, compared to the shoe, which I did after it was a walk in the park!

We wrapped my mid-section with saran wrap and tape and marked the center and where my sides were, and then cut it off.  I then took it and made a nice paper pattern for each piece, because I found I really did not like the straight from tape patterns. I think my fashion designer background requires I have nice copies of my patterns so I can tweek them till they are right.

  I mad the pattern into three parts. The winged part, the circle and then the design on the circle.  The wings and circle I did out of worbla, and the detail work I did in wonderflex.

Tracing my wings onto the worbla.

The belt "kit" as I have been calling the pikes of parts.  You can just see on the white craft foam in the picture below that I glued some thin lines of craft foam onto the lower wing. I wanted there to be a raised detail to make the belt have more interest then being a purely flat thing.

After everything was cut out it was time for heat.  Now in the pictures I have of Kain the circle is a rounded buckle that curves out, which is hard to do uniformly by hand....

Sooooo, enter the kitchen strainer!  I had though of using a mixing bow, but their edges are not completely round, I was stumped for a bit, but then remembered the kitchen strainer would be completely round!

Now here I have it just on top of the strainer, but when I actually heated it, I put a layer of  freezer paper between it and the strainer to make sure it would not stick. I use this strainer on a regular basis after all.

The finished product!  This is the back, which you wont see. The paper caused a couple little lines to appear, but that is okay.

Fast forward to sticking everything together:  The near final piece, just needing some raised details on the gray part and more shaping.
I have actually finished this, but I appear to have not uploaded the photos yet! I will do that tomorrow!

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