Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The return of the monster face! Or time to finally do those chest details!

 The return of the monster face!  Or time to finally do those chest details!

You may recall the pattern I made for the crest shape on Kain's armor.  Well now that I am back in business with wonderflex, I can finally do something with it! Woo
 First thing is first, I made a paper pattern of the basic shape of the crest, minus the bottom band and the little points.
I then transferred that pattern to the Wonderflex and attached it to my armor!  Be sure to heat up both the wonderflex and the worbla where you will be adding the wonderflex, or it comes apart when dry, I found that out with the front detail on my shin armor.  Thankfully, re-attaching it is as easy as heating it up again.

Now I got busy working and forgot to take a couple pictures here and there...

So you can see that not only did I attach the front crest, I also (shortened) and then covered the raised spikes for the front of the armor and attached them.  Kain's armor also has 2 rivet like things next to these spikes, so while the worbla was still hot, I grabbed some tiny halo-snap tops from my sewing box and poked them in. Now I knew from a tutorial that they wouldn't stay in once the worbla cooled down, so I put glue on the backs of them and then stuck them back into the conveniently marked holes from the prongs on the back

The next part was to cut out the bottom band on the crest and the little toothy things.  The toothy things are raised in the picture I have of Kain's armor, so it was time for some fiddly work.  I cut out the shape of the toothy-things in three different sizes and made some tiny pyramids.  Then, holding them down with the blade of my exacto knife (the wind from the heat gun just blows tiny pieces around if you don't hold them down) I heated them out and smoothed down the edges till they were gone, leaving a raised triangle. I then took a pencil and using it as a tiny rolling pin, rolled towards the center of the pyramid making it go to a point.

Next I attached the bottom band and then reheated my tiny pyramids and attached them as well. They got a wee bit misshapen, but I just straightened the edges with the blade of my exacto knife while the plastic was still hot.
 Last but not least, I rolled out another worbla worm and did the decorative piping around the outer edge of the crest.

Now that the lower chest was done, I took my little horn shape for the chest armor and covered it in Wonderflex and attached it to the armor.

 Now, all that is left is the collar on this piece and a belt on the side seam. Woo!


I got a bunch of work done on the back of my shin armor too!

I covered the spikes for the back of my shin armor and attached them, then it was time to start making the 3 other spikes that go onto the back of this piece.  One on the inner side, just looks more like a bent out piece of flat metal rather then an actual spike, so I made a pattern for it and cut it out of the worbla.

Sorry blurry picture. I decided having this random piece just hanging out there looked silly, so I put to more halo-snap tops on it to make it look like it was riveted to the armor.
   I also decided I didn;t like the look of the single layer of wonderflex, thinking it looked to thin, so I traced the tip of my pattern peice and cut it out and then attached it to the back of the little spike to make it look a little better.  I liked it enough that I decided to do the same to the big spike that comes up the heel of the armor.

 Cut out the top, heat up, stick to other wonderflex piece and trim off any excess you might have.

So far so good.
 I also started to carve the more 3D styled spikes that go on the outer edge, but I only had enough glued pieces of pink foam to do 2 and I needed 4, so once again, I must wait for glue to dry. Here are the 2 I did manage to carve though.

Enough for today!


  1. I want to make a Kain cosplay after I make my lightning one and it has been great to see you ideas and progress! The cosplay looks amazing!

  2. Oh thank you so much! I have a bunch more to load, but I am hitting the time crunch before the con and so I've been throwing everything into finishing up the armor.

    So stay tuned for the rest!