Tuesday, 18 March 2014

~I just dyed in your arms tonight~

Actually, I dyed in your arms last night, but that wouldn't have gotten the song stuck in your head as well now would it?  Anyway, I started a bit of work on the Edge costume, (I needed a break from the armor) which has now switched to Edge from FF4 the after years.

I managed to find some yellow fabric at work that actually had Amano style poke a dots on it in the right size but it was lemon yellow and I needed a more gold yellow for this costume.  

Not to look this gift horse in the mouth, I mean it was the perfect fabric, just too yellow, I grabbed a meter and a half of the fabric and then some Old Gold Dylon dye.  Then I dug out my dye pot and got going!

Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.  

There really isn't much to talk about here.  Dylon is a store brand dye that can be found at most craft or fabric stores.  The instructions are in a little pamphlet that is attached to the back of the packet. It is easy to use and takes about 20 minutes.  All you need at home to do it is some salt, a pot designated for dying and that will not be used for food.  I got my dye at work, the salt from the cupboard and a pot from Walmart.

By the prickling of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.

It ended up being a nice sort of Orange gold, which is more orange then the picture up top, but I think it will look really nice with the rust coloured linen we got for the cape.

I also took time yesterday to finish the pattern for the butt cape on Kain.  I traced it over on to velum paper and then, since I was out of India ink, I coloured it in with a black sharpie, and then a black permanent marker.  The plan is to silk screen this design, and to do that you need a completely opaque pattern for transferring onto a slik screen in the dark room, any light that gets through will ruin the transfer of the design in the dark room.
This may or may not need to be scanned in and re-printed onto the velum via a printer. It may still be too translucent.

Today, since I once again have wonderflex, I will be doing the final details on some of my armor pieces!  Stay around for pictures later!

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