Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I can almost see the end? Aka the Devil is in the details.

One arm is completely done and just needs strapping to hold it on and then paint.  I would have gotten farther, but a paper cut from the plastic back on the Velcro caused a small delay and then it turns out the boys heat gun runs hotter then mine and I managed to give myself 2 burns, and  2 blisters on my fingers trying to roll out my raised edges. Boy, I looked very silly the next day at work covered in band-aids.

I am pleased over all, but will have to make sure I do not poke myself or anyone else with my spikes.

So since I was blocked from finishing my other cuff until my hands heal, I will show the progress I've made on my legs!  This would be me waiting for the worbla to cool down after I shaped the front of my shin guard to my leg.

It is very exciting I know.

I also did the back, but due to the curve in my calf I had to slit the worbla down the back right below my knee and it molded together in a horrible lumpy mess.  However! I am a tricky fish, and just decided that that mess will be covered by details made out of Wonderflex instead.  So I started mapping out the various designs on the back of my leg.  You can see that I did it in pen first, and then only did parts of it in sharpie later, that is because I wanted the designs to be cemetrical and only traced over the shape I liked better.  Later I drew them on to tracing paper and made actual patterns.

But before I could make sure the detail designs worked, I had to figure out where the front of the shin guard would overlap the back. So I traced the edges in pen again. Also some of the points at the top and bottom became too pointy and would have cut into my foot as I walked, so they got cut off after I added the Velcro.

That is a good lookin' leg.

This is the pattern I made with tracing paper for the front detail over my original tape and saran wrap pattern for the front of the shin guard.  The triangle at the top will later be a raised point to match up with the knee guard.

My tracing paper patterns of the back details, minus the spikes which will come later (I ran out of wonderflex and the other sheet is at the boys place).
  I ended up using wonderflex for the details because I had some to spare, but also because it is thicker then the worbla and I wanted the designs to have a raised effect.  Here is a side view of the front detail on my left shin guard.

And the other side:

The back detail, eventually that diamond in the middle will have a raised spike and there will be 3 other spikes on the sides of the back guard. 2 on the outer side and 1 on the inner.

Left and right:

Side by side so you can see the spike of that pointed piece pokes out.
That is all for now, as I have run out of wonderflex.  Next I  will make the pattern from the crest on his chest armor, the spikes, collar and buckles for the chest armor.

Oh and the helmet base!  Which I have to make sure fits my head and then cover in Worbla for Saturday night!  We have hopes to have all the pieces cut out by the end of the night!

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