Sunday, 9 September 2012

I can't think of a clever Star Wars quote that would apply to belts.

So today was a sad wet and over cast day, the kind of day which makes me just want to burrow into my blankets and nap the day away in bed.

But I had work to be done and things to be sewn! So no deal bed, even though you look(ed) incredibly inviting.

So what did I do today? I worked on the Jedi costume more of course!

I drafted a pattern for the shoulder sash thing Mace Windu has here.

And I made a "cheater" obi belt to tie this costume closed.  I say cheater, cause a real Obi is like 4 meters long, which is over-kill for this.  So mine has grommets in the back for a closure. I made it out of the same brown (which I guess is really beige).  

First I drafted a pattern.  I measured the width of  the Obi for my Yukata (a summer Kimono I picked up in Japan)  which was a little more the 17cm wide, so I rounded it up to 18cm wide.  And then made it the length of my clients waist measurement.  This made me a nice long rectangle.

I then found some nice stiff  fusible interfacing and did a test patch to make sure it would actually stick to my fabric and stay stuck to it, which it did.  So I cut out two pieces:

I decided on two, because my Obi is rather stiff and I wanted a similar look for this one. So I chose to interface both pieces of my belt.

After I cut out the Interfacing I cut out my fabric leaving some seam allowances and pinned it.
I purposely left a hole open in my pinning so I could flip this right side out and poke out the corners right when it was done being sewn.  I then hand sewed the opening closed.

Which left me with a nice exciting brown fabric rectangle.  Which I then marked for grommets with a grommet tool I picked up at a craft store.

And stuck in some grommets to tie this sucker closed with.  This way if my client  has any weight fluctuations, the costume can still fit.

Next up is cut out and sew the shoulder sash and then extend the length of the shirts to make the over robe and to make the sleeve a bell sleeve instead of a straight sleeve.  Lastly, I'll make a pair of simple draw-string pants to wear under it and then it is on to Sailor Moon!

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