Sunday, 30 September 2012

Go big or go home

For holy celibate priest types, Jedi do have excessively huge hoods:

Really Obi-wan, you could have clothed a small alien in the fabric it is going to take to make this hood.
I'm pretty sure it will make a robe for Yoda.
I should know, I made a similar hood in my second year of Fashion design for a  Lord of the Rings Ringwraith inspired cloak. Which I don't have a picture of right near me, so you get a regular Ringwraith. it just me or does the Witch  King look like he is trying to force choke a Hobbit here?

The pattern looked like this, and that is only half the pattern. 
With some scissors for size comparison.

 It would seem that in his old age Obi-wan downsized his hood needs. Probably had to use some of the excess fabric to mend and repair his old Jedi robes. 

Either way, my client has asked for the young Obi-Wan hood. Why? Because he wants to hide a cat in there. :)


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