Sunday, 30 September 2012

I've never met a fabric I didn't like.

Until NOW.

The dark brown for the Jedi robe, is a  nightmare!!
In the words of that guy from the second Mummy movie "This cursed".
 It has stretch (or something) in it and it just kept slipping around everywhere, even though it was pinned within an inch of it's life.  It took me twice (if not three times) as long to trace the patterns, make sure they were not completely wonky, then re-trace the patterns,  then fix the retraced patterns etc etc.

All  while a cold really just wanted to leak that 70% water content of the human body out through my face. I might add.

 On the bright side, the robe is nearly all together now despite all this.  I was going to modify a Kimono pattern for this, but realized it would just be easiest to change the existing pattern I already had for the shirts.

Which meant I took my sleeve, which looked like this:
My computer really likes messing with my file formats. :/  
And made it look like this:
 Which I then cut on the fold to get a nice bell-sleeve shape.

I also took measurements from an actual Kimono I have, compared it to the length of the shirt and made an extension for the shirt:

 All that is left is to attach the sleeves, then cut out the binding for the front and hope that I have enough for a hood (I should, I just really hate this fabric!).

Edit: In regards to my title, I'm actually a fabric snob, and I have met fabrics I don't like before this.

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