Thursday, 6 September 2012

Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!

Sorry about the delays between posts, working 9-5 leaves me only now and then to work on commissions, but I'll still talk about them!

So where are we on this Jedi costume?  Well I made the changes to the pattern I had planned and then mocked it up in muslin and fit my client.  I was very glad to see that few changes needed to be made, I just bumped the hems on the bottom and sleeves up a little higher and took it in an inch at the bottom of the side seams.

The next step was to get out my fabric and start cutting out patterns.  Once that was done I surged all my edges to prevent fraying.

Which left me with pieces looking like this (and in much need of a good ironing).  This is the sleeve, front and back of half the brown top.  It's just a matter of sewing these up and then I'll have a more finished garment
And using the magic learned after years of cooking and craft shows, I have here a more finished garment. (Which hopefully I have the fronts folded right so the "wearer" is not dead).

Now I thought to myself these are pretty simple garments, how can I make them a little more fancy or special, so I thought to myself that I would do the finish that most jean and pant seams have, which is called a flat-fell.  There are two kinds, the flat-fell which involves leaving one seam allowance longer then the other and then folding it over and sewing it down (which, had I not already surged my edges I would have done), and another called the Fake-Flat-Fell. Which is what I did here, it is mostly just top-stitching down your seam allowances.  Still better then nothing.
I also did this because I knew the white later would be showing in the sleeves and I didn't want loose seams flapping about ruining the look.  Another option is for the wearer to just wear the white shirt inside out under the brown shirt, which he may still do, but at least he wouldn't have  flappy seams rubbing up against his skin.

So the next step is to sew up the brown shirt, add the bindings along the front/collar of the shirts and then hem the bottom and sleeves.  After that it's just a matter of making the robe, belt, sash and pants and we will have a full Jedi.

Edit: Now with 100% more pins.

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